About Us

Hello and welcome to toolgrader.com, a place where woodworkers of all skill levels can find genuine, honest reviews premium hand tools, workshop setup, and other DIY projects.

My name is Steve Westin, and I have been a lifelong woodworker and craftsman since the age of 18. I have made everything from toys to cabinetry in my shop. I started this site to review the different tools I use in my shop, and share best practices (and mistakes) I have learned along the way in my woodworking journey.

Any item reviewed on this site I have personally purchased and used in my shop. I hope you find you find the reviews, tips, and hacks helpful as you look to augment to your own tool collection, and take on more challenging projects.

However, this site is much more than just a blog… It’s a community!  In a few short months we have grown to over 500 woodworkers who share their awesome creations and best practices from their own woodshops. 

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Steve Westin